Happy Friday! I put together a list of Whole30 compliant options for my coaching group and thought that it might be helpful for others either following whole30 or looking for products that don’t contain a lot of fillers and added sugars. I left out your typical Whole30 approved items, like whole fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts. This is not an exhaustive list, but there might be some items you may not have thought were compliant.

Copy of Costco Whole30 Finds

You can download and print this list, or save it on your phone. I swear I never remember to bring my grocery list. I haven’t personally tried all of the items on this list, but some I buy all of the time.

Costco whole30 Shopping List

I’ve seen a couple people post that Costco has Primal Kitchen Ranch, so if you see it at a Costco in the bay area let me know. I love it on everything but it’s fantastic on my buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potatoes. The recipe is in my whole30 guide, which is on sale for a few more days, so if you’re thinking about buying a copy I suggest you do it before the price goes up Monday.

Would you like to see a list with regular grocery store items and brands?