My March Movement Challenge is live! Each day for the month of March I’m challenging you to do a few minutes of exercise. You can participate if you have five minutes of 30 minutes. Each day you’ll find 1-3 exercise moves, and you’ll do each move for a set number of reps or time. You can split the sets up a few times per day, or do them all at once. How simple is that?!

Ask yourself, do you have time to be sick? No one has time for that! You are never too busy, too broke or too old to invest in your health! 

I’ve been challenging my clients to do these moves for the last couple of weeks and they are loving it! There’s no pressure to get to the gym, it fits in their busy schedule (even my working mom of 3 fits this in) and you can feel good knowing you moved your body on even the busiest of days.

Let’s Do This! Grab a friend and check in with the #fitmarch for the chance to win prizes including a 1:1 training session with me. There’s no better time than now to start investing in your health.


  1. I love this challenge! I’ve recently started trying to go to my gym 5 days a week and it really has helped my mood! Even just after 10 minutes on the elliptical I feel productive and energized even though I’m using energy to work out!

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