Are you showing up for yourself? your job? your family? your friends? Are you showing the f*ck up for life?

What does showing up mean? It means being authentic, being present and being unapologetically you. Being you goes beyond just what you wear, what you do for work or being who you feel you need to be.

Are you comfortable in your skin? When you look in the mirror are you happy with the person looking back at you?

Self love is a complex and wonderful journey. It’s not a journey that happens overnight, you must take the time to really look deep into what drives you. It takes great courage to find yourself and even more courage to share that with the world.

Spouse. Kids. Work. School. Family. Friends. Hobbies. So many obligations, so many things to accomplish, so many places to be. Do you feel that you have no time because you have so many things to do? Guess what so does everyone else! Prioritize and chose the things that are really important to you. Instead of trying to be in a million places at once, try truly showing up for 2-3 things in your life.

Here are my top tips to show the f*ck up for life:

  1. UNPLUG. Seriously. Put the phone down when you are with your loved ones. You can’t have a quality conversation with someone if you’re scrolling Instagram or taking video of everything as your doing it.
  2. FOCUS. If you’re working out, work out! Give it everything you have. Working on building your #bossbabe empire? Block out your time, 30 minutes here, 60 minutes there. Set timers, prioritize tasks and focus solely on the task at hand.
  3. REST. You can’t show up if you’re run down! Sleep is so important, make it a priority. Most of us thrive on 7-8 hours per night. Sleep recharges you and gives your body time to repair itself, it’s essential for good health.
  4. FUEL. Your food should be fresh, whole and nutrient dense! Not packaged, processed and cheap. Good food in, good things out! Food should also make you happy, so if you’re craving that burger or want to eat one of grandma’s chocolate chip cookies go for it, guilt free.
  5. HONESTY. Are you being 100% real with yourself? and those around you? There’s an excuse for everything these days. Instead of saying “I can’t afford that” or “I’m just too busy right now” be f*cking honest, “hey I’d much rather netflix and chill” or “that’s not right for me right now”. You can’t show up if you aren’t telling the truth.
  6. DRIVE. Think about what lights your soul on fire! Is it a goal, a hobby, a travel destination? Find a way to make it happen! Whether it’s a side hustle or finally getting a stamp on your passport you deserve to make it a reality. Save that money, and stop waiting for the perfect time. Take one step towards making it happen, even just writing it down is a step forward.

Life is messy, beautiful and should be filled with people and experiences that make us feel alive. I’m not trying to make you go all Marie Kondo on your life, but if it doesn’t make you truly happy think about why? Is it something that you can change? Maybe it’s your outlook on it, maybe it’s your chosen career path, or putting yourself in a certain box because that’s what is expected of you. We all have responsibilities, paying a mortgage, supporting a family, bills to pay etc, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take 5 minutes to promote our side hustle, journal, meditate or call and catch up with an old friend.

Are you ready to show up for your life? If you’re already showing up, how can you do more of it? Know someone who struggles with showing up? Suggest a phone free date night with your spouse or kindly remind your social media maven best friend that you’re 100% there for them with a phone call instead of a text. Take 5 minutes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for yourself. You have five minutes. I don’t care how important or how busy you are. If you make yourself a priority, you are better able to show up for your family, your friends, and your obligations!

Write down three things that you can do to show up for life right now. Not in 6 months or 2 years. RIGHT NOW. You deserve to live life to the fullest, so get out there and start living it!

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