Jessica S.

Briana has been an incredible coach! She trained me for my 2nd 70.3 Ironman last May over a 5month period and I PR’d by 51minutes!!! She’s attentive to my specific needs during training and was able to taylor my workouts to fit my busy schedule and an unexpected bought of shin splints. I couldn’t have done so well without her guidance and insight. We live over an hour apart so my workouts were sent to me via a training app since she couldn’t be physically with my during most of my training, however she always made me feel like she was right there training with me with her checks via text or training peeks. She always has words of encouragement on the tough days and kudos for the days I killed my workouts. She’s an incredible coach which is why I’ve now enlisted her help to train me for my next full marathon. I highly recommend Coach Bri to anyone looking to take their upcoming fitness event to the next level.


Eric W.

Where to even start. I decided to do the Santa Rosa Ironman with a friend and on a whim. It was 35 days out and the longest I had ever run was 8 miles, horrible swimmer, never competed in a triathlon or anything close to this event. We hired Briana to put together a training plan and what we got was so much more. She planned out our exercises for everyday, coordinated everything via a google doc and spreadsheet with detailed information from what resources we would need, to food suggestions, products, clothing and mental tips. We communicated regularly everyday and received nothing but positivity from Coach B. Fast forward 35 days 16 hours and 28 minutes later and I was crossing the finish line on my first Ironman…And not to mention she was in the race with us and we ran together, in the dark, headlamps on, in the last lap. If that’s not going above and beyond, I don’t know what is. Briana is an excellent coach, resource, friend and inspiration. I would not have been able to finish without her. Thanks Coach B!


Jeremy M.

As if a simple ‘thank you’ could encapsulate our experience with you over the last 1.5 months, THANK YOU. This has been a great journey and experience and I’ve enjoyed each moment. Over the years I have grown to appreciate laughs when paired with lactic acid build-up, and this experience has had many of both! Happening upon you as our coach has been such an important part of the experience and I appreciate all your efforts and positivity throughout. ‘Coach’ is a modest term and in this case as you’ve been much more: a leader, mentor, motivator, and teacher. Grateful to know you and share this experience with you and yours. D was an incredible bonus as well. What a great pair you two are and please express thanks and appreciation to him as well.

You both, plus the support of family and friends, have made this experience truly impactful and I’m proud to share how much it has transferred beyond Eric and I. Our families and friends have also learned through this journey that thinking big and taking on something like this yields a special kind of growth and experience. We have unintentionally inspired many and it’s great to feel that.


Julie S.

Briana coached me for my first triathlon. We started when I was 5 months postpartum which itself brought its own challenges. Bri was flexible with my every changing schedule and understanding when things just didn’t go to plan. She was so supportive and really coached me physically and mentally to achieve my goal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a coach.

Steph W.

I did a 3 month virtual training program with Briana… and it was awesome!! It was everything I was looking for plus more. I have a very busy/unpredictable work schedule, so doing group trainings or consistent personal training simply does not work. I wanted virtual workouts so I could do them from home or the gym whenever I wanted – whether it be 5am or 10pm. After 3 months with Briana’s workouts, my physical fitness level was noticeably different; it increased significantly. I was able to run longer, do more pushups/sit-ups, and I lost some weight.  Briana’s workouts were challenging but doable. I always got in a good sweat and felt a little stronger each time. Briana did daily check ins with me, and was understanding of my likes/dislikes. She kept me motivated, and helped me with my diet. The workouts were tailored to MY abilities. But most of all, having the workouts kept me focused in the gym instead of using random machines/doing random exercises. I would highly recommend if you have a busy schedule (like me) and you’re trying to get into shape.

April B.

Just had my first session with Briana! Man am I sweaty! She doesn’t just tell you exercises to do but she educated you along the way. She is very professional, arrived on time and pushed me just a little further than my lazy mind wanted to go (which is what I told her I needed). She’s got a lot of knowledge and is constantly watching my firm. We had some laughs too— all around a great experience! Definitely hire her.